Rejuven-Eyes Natural Eye Serum – 10ml


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Designed to reduce dark circles under the eyes, increase circulation and lessen fluid retention (which causes puffiness), combat free radicals and tighten and tone skin

34 in stock


Formulated with Green Coffee Bean oil, organic Rosehip, Baobab and Argan oils, as well as Marula and Sweet Almond oils, this product is uniquely designed to reduce dark circles under the eyes, increase circulation and lessen fluid retention (which causes puffiness), combat free radicals and tighten and tone skin.  This natural eye serum will be particularly beneficial to those who spend a lot of time on phones and computers as it helps combat photo-aging (damage from the sun and blue light emitted from devices)


  • Green Coffee Bean – Contains high levels of caffeine which boosts circulation and lessens the fluid retention which causes puffiness; Reduces damaging effects of free radicals and contains potent antioxidants
  • *Rosehip – Reduces dark circles and puffiness. High in vitamin E and  A, giving it regenerating properties, helping to improve texture and tone, reduce pigmentation, improve circulation, tighten pores, and reduce inflammation
  • Sweet Almond – High in vitamin K (reduces dark circles), palmitic acid, and retinol – natural moisturisers help to soften & smooth periorbital skin
  • *Baobab – High in Vitamin A, C, D and E and rich in Omegas, this enriching oil nourishes and improves skin elasticity
  • *Argan – High in Vitamin E and fatty acids, Argan oil replenishes moisture in skin cells and reduces wrinkles by repairing the skin’s hydro-lipid layer and boosting skin repair
  • *Marula – High in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, this light weight, fast absorbing oil is a free radical scavenger that nourishes, moisturizes and stimulates collagen production. It protects against environmental damage and reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • German Chamomile – Anti-inflammatory; helps to reduce puffiness
  • *Lavender – Soothing, calming; diuretic – helps drain fluid stored under eyes to reduce puffiness
  • Cypress – Vaso-constricting properties help reduce swollen under-eye area; astringent properties tighten and tone
  • Carrot Seed – High in antioxidants, it nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles; High in Vitamin A – Helps to stimulate renewal of the top layers of the skin in order to shed dry, damaged cells
  • Arnica – Reduces puffiness around the eyes. It stimulates the flow of white blood cells to relieve congestion (darkness/bruising) and help disperse trapped fluid.


Sweet Almond Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Green Coffee Bean Coffea Arabica *Rosehip Rosa mosqueta *Baobab Adansonia digitata *Argan Argania spinosa *Marula Sclerocarya bierra Vitamin E Tocopherol *Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Arnica Arnica Montana German Chamomile Matricaria recutita Cypress Cupressus sempervirens Carrot Seed Daucus carota

*indicates organic ingredient

How to use

  • After cleansing and toning, apply one drop per eye. Start at the lower inner corner of the eye and pat along the base of the eye socket, to your temples, up and over, finishing at the upper inner corner.
  • For best results use Cherish Natural Eye Serum in conjunction with Cherish Face Serum and Cherish Cleansing Oil


  • Test on a small area before use
  • Do not get product in your eyes

Did you Know?

Cherish Nature Eye Serum is 100% natural and does not contain any added fillers, waxes, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, silicon, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan and will not cause build-up or clog pores.


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free – certified by Beauty without Cruelty SA
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • Palm oil free
  • Made in South Africa
  • GMO free

6 reviews for Rejuven-Eyes Natural Eye Serum – 10ml

  1. Janine

    I have to hold back on the eye serum – it contains a thousand scents and I would bathe in it, if I could. Just a little drop! I wish I’d found this sooner…

  2. Henco Napier (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! It lightened the dark circles under my eyes after a few weeks of use. There is a lot of product in the bottle – it lasts a while. Also the smell of this serum is just amazing. Highly recommend this product. Shipping was super fast and the cruelty free, organic and vegan is a big plus!

  3. Jessica van der Spuy (verified owner)

    I love this product! I had really bad dark circles under my eyes and within two weeks of using the serum, there was a significant improvement and the dark circles were almost gone. I will definitely order it again, and delivery is very fast. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for eye serums specifically for dark circles.

  4. Tatum Holder

    I gifted the rejuvenating eye serum to my mum, as she struggles with eye irritation and it worked so well. She was so happy to find something that helps and is natural, better than eye drops!

  5. Roxanne Kruger (verified owner)

    My partner has dark rings around his eyes. Even though he drinks plenty of water, eats a diet rich in phytonutrients and takes great care of his skin. I thought we should try this product and within 2 weeks, the dark rings are significantly lighter. We both love the smell and the product goes a long way! Great product that I’d be happy to purchase again.

  6. Tanielle Klopper-Langton (verified owner)

    I think that we often complain about how tired we look or the bags under our eyes but don’t actively look for a solution.
    Well, here it is! This eye serum is amazing. Just one drop is enough to soothe and relieve the skin around your eyes.

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