Handcrafted with passion and care, we create nourishing and effective skincare solutions using high performing specialist oils, botanical extracts & pure essential oils that are 100% natural, organic wherever possible, and free from additives and chemicals. 

Our products are free from


Polyethylene glycols (PEG)


Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

Artificial fragrances

Colour additives


Without animal testing

Without toxic ingredients

Without additives & chemicals

Without damaging the planet.

Here’s a range that comes to mind naturally to do that all. A range that is extracted from nature. Without damaging the planet.

Nurture your body with a blend of natural ingredients created specifically to nourish your skin which helps restore well being to your body and emotional balance to your mind.

Your body deserves to be cherished.


Please email us on cheryl@cherishbeauty.co.za

or call Cheryl on 0741866936

Our Testimonials

  • " When you start educating yourself about what goes into the everyday products we use, you are in for a shock. They contain lists of unpronounceable chemicals doing more harm than good. I love that Cherish Beauty by Nature products are 100% natural. I absolutely love the Body Oil!! It feels absolutely luxurious and once you feel the benefits, you can never go back to the fake stuff.

    Erica Anderson

  • " In my healing sessions with my clients I dab a little Balancing Body Oil on my palms when doing a Reiki, Chakra Balancing session. I find that it adds to the session, with clients leaving feeling peaceful, calm and balanced. After a long day of energy work, I find that the Spiritual Body Oil is where I’m spiritually restored. I love the feeling it leaves me with after a soaking bath.

    Fiona van Rensburg

  • " I love the Cherish Beauty range of products!

    I always feel so pampered and rejuvenated after I have used them.

    Cheryl has an incredible gift crafting serums that are good for your body and, because they are not animal tested, your soul too.

    Tanielle Klopper-Langton

  • Erica Anderson

  • Fiona van Rensburg

  • Tanielle Klopper-Langton



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